10 Most Famous Revolutionaries Of History


Revolutions always signify a new beginning. The faces of change are always remembered and become symbols of new history. Here is the list of famous revolutionaries who left their trace in modern history.



Vladimir Lenin
Lenin is well-known for starting the October revolution and overthrowing the tsar regime. Lenin became the face of a new Soviet government and is still remembered as an ideological figure. His embalmed body is preserved in a mausoleum located in Red Square, Moscow.


Leon Trotsky
Trotsky was a huge believer in the Marxist theory and made a significant impact on Russian history. Even though he was at the forefront of the 1917 October revolution and founder of the Red Army, he clashed with Stalin and had to flee the country to save his life.

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara
Che Guevara played a key role in the Cuban revolution alongside Fidel Castro. He was a strong opponent of the United States and made revolution his lifestyle as he travelled the world spreading the revolutionary spirit around.


Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg was a follower of the Marxist theory and made a contribution to the radicalisation of the proletariat movement. She believed that a mass strike was the most influential tool in achieving the rights of the working class.

Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi led the Indian Independence movement which eventually resulted in India’s independence in 1947. He is perceived internationally as a propagator of nonviolent protest to achieve political and social goals. Gandhi was a visionary who achieved change through peaceful campaigns and inspiration rather than radical action.


Mao Zedong
This controversial figure has played a crucial role in shaping Chinese society. While Mao Zedong’s policies are viewed as disastrous, he never gave up on trying to make China stronger and prosperous.

Lord Byron
Lord Byron is a well-known English poet who ended up in Greece and got involved in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. Byron is recognized as a Greek national hero as he helped raise money for the revolution, tried to unite leaders and was a real supporter of independent Greece.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison for his campaign to overthrow the government and eventually became the first President of South Africa. Mandela was fighting to end apartheid, winning many honours for his activism including the Nobel Peace Prize.


Karl Marx
Karl Marx’s philosophy has formed the modern theory of communism. Most of the revolutionaries of the 20th century have followed Marxism and we can say for sure that his work has changed the history of the world. “Das Kapital” is the fundamental work known as the bible of the working class.

Fidel Castro
Castro became a symbol of revolutionary Cuba and his death marked the end of the whole era in modern history. His figure was both loved and hated for socialism and anti-imperialism. For many, he will remain the most famous Cuban revolutionary.