10 Marketing Tricks That Make You Buy More


Today you’re going to learn how cunning the marketers can be when they want people to buy more stuff than they need. Oh, what? It was on sale, you say? That’s the oldest trick in the book, people!


Here are 10 marketing tricks that make you buy more. And since knowing is half of the battle, next time you’re out there shopping, maybe this info will save you a few bucks.



1. Celebs in Advertisements
When you see a movie star eat the same brand of cereal, or use the same shaving cream as you, it makes you think you’re just like them (or, I guess, “they’re just like you”)!



2. Relaxing Music
Science has proven that on average people spend 10% more when there’s some chill music playing in the restaurant or a supermarket.

3. False Benefits
Those fake discounts and sales that slap the same price on the products but with a “20% DISCOUNT” written somewhere on the tag. Evil incarnate, that’s what it is, and yet we keep falling for this trick over and over again.



4. Healthy Food
100% organic, GMO free, free range, vegan food may not be as good as those labels claim it to be. Like, there’s nothing bad about a GMO salad, and when it comes to produce, almost everything is 100% organic anyway.

5. Goods in Front of Your Eyes
The best and most expensive goods are placed on the shelves in such a way that your eyes are instantly drawn to them.



6. Tasty Smell
Whenever there’s a grill section, I just can’t stop salivating. Same as with freshly baked bread, muffins, and things like that. Not so much fish, though. Do I even need to comment on this further?

7. Foreign Language
You just KNOW it’s a top-quality product if it has something foreign (and I don’t mean Chinese or Arabic) written all over it. It usually isn’t any better than your local products, by the way.

8. The $.99 Prices
That 1 “saved” cent can turn into quite a lot after some time… or at least that’s how your brain tells you to think. In reality, the entire .99c is pure profit for the store.



9. Store Geography
Usually, to get to the most basic stuff like eggs, bread, and water you’d have to go through the entire store. That’s because these products have been strategically placed there to force you to spend more time in the store. Who knows, maybe you’ll get that pudding you didn’t know you wanted!

10. Food in the Picture
Would you buy a product with something ugly on the label? Imagine if the McD burgers had their actual pictures printed on the box. Ew. That’s why we have professional food photographers!