10 Instagram Accounts About Art You Need To Follow Right Now


It’s safe to say Instagram is rapidly taking over as the main social media network of choice. Especially when it comes to determining what is cool and what isn’t. And because we’re all cool people, it seems only fair that I inform you about some cool Instagram accounts you should follow right now if you’re into art. Or if you want to convince people you’re into art. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.



Ignant is the Instagram account belonging to an “award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography, travel and architecture”. What else could you need?



Shusaku Takaoka is a Japanese artist who uses his Photoshop wizardry to alter images from pop culture to give them a slightly different context. It’s only minor, I promise. You can hardly notice the difference.

Nowness is a design account that gives people inspiration when you’re thinking of doing some interior designing and you’re wondering what’s hip right now.



Pop My Eyes mixes “art, culture, awesome sh*t”. That’s pretty much all that you can say about it: it features art, it features culture, it features awesome sh*t.

Talenthouse is “a global creative community that gives opportunities to be seen, heard and compensated.” Sounds like something worth following, doesn’t it?



Lara Zankoul photoshops her photographs to look almost straight out of a Dali painting. It’s quite surreal and very cool.

Tsunaina is an artist that does things like split her pictures in two. I know, it sounds easy. It looks pretty cool though. She also acts as a model herself.

Xaviera Lopez is an artist that’s very much into blacks, whites and bright reds. It’s a very unique style and it really makes the colors pop.



This account mixes famous (old) paintings with more modern pop culture images. Like Shusuka, but different. Radioshead’s work is described as “modern baroque”.

Artleove has some Picasso and Dali-esque stuff going on. It looks pretty weird and to be honest I don’t get it, but it does look amazing. You gotta respect that which you can’t make yourself. Like the Death Star.