10 Fascinating Stats That Will Make You Go “Huh…”


What do you usually do when you see a bunch of numbers, pie charts, or other sorts of statistics? A normal human being will ignore that part and get to the pictures, but this time I think you’ll stay awhile and listen. These are some of the most mind-blowing number-related facts in the whole universe! … Okay, they’re mildly interesting at best, but either way, could be fun icebreakers or conversation starters!



1. There are more people living in Bangladesh than in Russia
At 147 sq km, Bangladesh has the population of almost 158 million people, which is 15 million more than Russia.



2. There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way
Statistically speaking (nobody actually counted every single star and/or tree), that’s true! There are around 3 trillion trees on Earth, and only about 400 billion stars in the Milky Way

3. Mary and James are the most popular names ever
In the last 100 years there have been 5 million Jameses, and 3.5 million Marys.



4. China is just a huge gold mine
Certain sources say that China’s mined over 4400 tons of gold in the last decade.

5. The Earth’s population increased 22x in the last 1000 years
1 millennium ago there were only around 275 million people on this planet. Now it’s way over 6 billion.



6. People in the US spend 4 hours a day watching TV
I actually have nothing to add here. It’s all in the title.

7. The least amount of people are born on Saturdays
Pretty self-explanatory fact, right? I’ll just add that the most “fruitful” day is … Thursday (17.5 %)! Saturday’s 12.5%.

8. 90% of all emails are spam
I can definitely see that. One day I got 30 spam emails…



9. McDonald’s restaurants sell 75 burgers every second
McD’s even have a special website that tracks all this.

10. Each day 1,700 US citizens become millionaires
Sadly, this doesn’t mean they get their million in one day, instead their annual revenue is taken in the account. And so, according to the official stats there are currently 8 million millionaires in the United States.