10 Curious Things You’ve Probably Never Seen


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Internet proves you wrong. I mean, seriously, can you tell me how baby pigeons look like, or what hides inside a firework? Yeah, probably no. Real talk: you’re about to see some eye-opening stuff.


Here are 10 curious things you’re probably never seen before!



1. Baby pigeon
What, you’ve never thought pigeon nestlings existed? Of course, they do, but only a few lucky (or not) people have seen them. And, boy, are they ugly…



2. Moles are tiny
I honestly don’t think where this urban myth originated, but moles are NOT as big as cats. Here’s your proof. Moles are slightly bigger than 1-month-old kittens.

3. What’s inside a firework?
I always thought fireworks were just stuffed with gun powder or something, but here we are! Judging from the pattern, this little piggy will become a star one day.



4. Space Shuttle Atlantis
This was what the International Space Station saw during the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis. The tilt-shift makes this photo so much more epic.

5. The “Mom” from Tom and Jerry
She was always angry with Tom for not being able to catch that cursed rodent Jerry. We used to only see her legs and feet, but in this one episode… well, there she is!



6. Kenny from South Park
Mmh-mm-mmmhmmh-mmhmmhm-mhmmmh~ *bleh* man, it’s really hard to talk with your hood on, I understand you now, Kenny. Oh yeah, this is THE Kenny from South Park. You know, the one that used to die in every other episode. Good times.

7. Inside a kangaroo pouch
What’s warm, fleshy, and may contain babies at some point? It’s a kangaroo pouch of course!

8. Windows wallpaper IRL
This is what that famous location from the Windows wallpaper looks like today.



9. Microsoft Excel table ends up like this
This probably took them more time than they’d care to admit, but there it is – the end of the Excel rainbow!

10. Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the moon
Guess what, Armstrong’s footprints from the legendary photo, were not really his. They were most likely left on the surface of the Moon by Buzz Aldrin. Why did the crew have different boots? Beats me, but there you go. And look, you’re a tiny bit smarter now!