10 Countries With Different Concepts Of Male Beauty


When people in the western world think of male beauty, you often hear “Chris Pratt”, “Dwayne Johnson”, “Obi Wan Kenobi” or “Not the guy writing this article”. This concept of male beauty, typically meaning a man with broad shoulders and a burly physique is referred to as “lumbersexuals” because they look like sexy people that smack down huge trees for a living. Luckily for at least one of the people in the previous list, some places around the world have different concepts of male beauty. Why? Because why not.


Let’s take a look at some countries where the concept of male beauty is quite surprising, to say the least.



Well, Brazil isn’t exactly known for its low standards when it comes to the human physique: men with light eyes, fair curls, a six-pack and a sun tan are pretty much forced to almost literally beat the women off them. You’re probably better off trying to get a girlfriend in the good ol’ western world.



In a country pretty much run by Bollywood movies, it’s no surprise that actors from those movies are generally considered to be the most attractive men in the country. In short: be fit, moderately muscular, use loads of styling gel, have no body hair except for a small stubble and use skin-lightening creams. Lightening, not lightning. Lightning will melt your face off. Trust me.

You’d think Sweden loved Viking types, but you’d be wrong. The most popular men in Sweden are actually the ones with a very slender physique, pale skin, light eyes and sharp cheekbones.



Turkish men must possess strength, courage and loyalty. This pretty much means that everyone has a shot in Turkey. If you’re going all the way, you also need to get rid of chest hair and pay lots of attention to hair styling. Go visit a barber. Seriously, Turkish barbers are the best way to spend your money, no matter where in the world you are. I can vouch for them.

South Korea
South Korean men are considered attractive once they reach the androgynous spectrum of genders. To say it like the great Steven Tyler does: “dude looks like a lady”.



United Kingdom
Tom Hiddleston. If you’re not Tom Hiddleston, don’t look for a girlfriend in the UK. It won’t work.

You could say Australia is the Thor to the UK’s Loki, since you pretty much have to look like a blonde God of Thunder to get a date in the land down under. It’s twice as funny once you realize that Australia is an ex-colony from the UK used as a prison, and Thor is constantly trying to imprison Loki. Seems like the tables have finally turned!

Remember what Greek gods looked like? Yeah, that’s pretty much what you need to look like in Greece to be considered attractive. What? It’s been almost 3000 years? Well, not in Greece it hasn’t!



American guys are very sweet. They are charming, have good physique and seem to always have a smile on their face. What can I say, think “Zac Efron”!

Russian concept of male beauty is more about strength and power than about appearance.