10 Bizarre Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Laugh, Frown, And Then Hit ‘Follow’


The world is full of weird people, so it’s no wonder Instagram is basically packed with freaky and bizarre accounts. Cats, dogs, foods, and traveling may be among the most popular topics, but there are still those accounts that seem to attract followers for no specific reason at all. For instance, would you follow an Instagram account of a guy who posts only selfies? All the photos are totally alike, except for the background. And then there’s an account of Kendall Jenner’s fake brother who posts photoshopped photos that are a little bit too realistic for one’s taste. If you think these accounts are weird, wait till you see our full list! Here are 10 bizarre Instagram accounts that will make you laugh, frown, and then hit the ‘Follow’ button.



Doctor Doolittle
Animal whisperer and adventurer, Alan Dixon is famous for his amazing talent to communicate with animals. He loves them, and they love him back! He travels all around the world, while taking pictures of different animals – from dogs and cats to koalas and kangaroos. There isn’t a photo where he’s not hugging, holding or playing with some cute critter! Search to follow his account.



Painted selfie
You won’t surprise anyone with a selfie these days, no matter how elaborate it is. However, Hellen Meldahl, an artist from Norway, came up with something truly unique and created her own type of selfie by… painting it! Whenever she uses a mirror to take a picture of herself, she paints it beforehand to create unusual landscapes and dreamy backgrounds. Her selfies are truly incredible!

Luxury cats
If you like cats and luxurious things, then the @cashcats Instagram account can easily become your most favorite place in the world. But be warned – these kitties know a thing or two about living a rich life and don’t take hateful comments lightly! Looking at these photos we can’t but wonder where they get all this cash from…



Descriptions instead of pictures
We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is clearly not the case with this Instagram account. It is packed with words describing pictures and you won’t find a single image that has something visual on it! The whole concept of this Instagram account is quite funny and witty, often mocking popular Insta clichés and boring photo ideas. Despite being so utterly weird, this account has around 170,000 followers.

The most stylish dog
Who said only people could be models? Meet Bodhi, the most stylish dog in the whole world! His owner, Yena Kim, took a few pictures of a fancy dressed Bodhi out of sheer boredom, but they went viral in a blink of an eye. Soon brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, YSL, Todd Snyder, Zara, and Barney’s were knocking on her door, trying to book the fashionable dog model. Even New York Times admitted Bodhi is a true style icon!



The fake brother
Did you know Kendall Jenner had a brother? Well, neither did we! As well as the rest of the world for that matter. In truth, Kendall Jenner doesn’t have a brother named Kirby Jenner. The only thing these two are sharing is their surname. Nevertheless, Kirby is doing everything in his power to insert himself into the life of Kendall Jenner – literally speaking! His crazy Photoshop skills allow him to manipulate Kendall’s photos, making it seem like he’s been there all along. You might think this whole idea is weird, but the guy has already 850,000 followers.

Adventures of a ghost
Mr. Boo from Spain has nearly 100,000 followers and is, by all accounts, a ghost. Other than that he leads a pretty ordinary life with movies, walks under the moon, and late-night dinners. He even likes to go to the pool! When no one’s there, of course. One might think that it’s boring to be a ghost, but Mr. Boo proves it’s more fun than we imagined!

Skellie the skeleton
Skellie from LA seems to know a thing or two about living your life to the fullest. In fact, he seems to lead a more interesting life than most living people! The account was created by Dana Herlihey who first posted a picture of Skellie for the Halloween party. It got so many likes that she decided to create a separate account for the lovable skeleton – and voila! Right now @omgliterallydead has around 260,000 followers.



The floor fan
How often do you look under your feet? Nearly not as often as Sebastian Erras, a photographer and an artist, who made all kinds of fancy floors the sole focus of his new project. He started with Paris, but soon noticed there are equally gorgeous floors in other cities like London and Barcelona. Sebastian’s work is truly breathtaking!

The soap queens
The @asmr_soap_princess Instagram account, held by two ladies from Russia, is definitely not something you see every day. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, which is basically the feeling of shivers running down your spine. It appears that looking at manipulations with soap does exactly that! More than 400,000 people find the sight of soap being cut and shredded truly soothing and relaxing, so there must be some truth to it, right?