10 Best Fast Food Breakfasts


Sometimes you just gotta have breakfast out and about when you’re in the city. Then there’s also the fast-food breakfasts that seem like the absolute best cure after a long and crazy night out with friends. But not all breakfast food is made equal. I love breakfast food. If it were up to me, I would have breakfast food for all my meals during the day. That being said, here are the best fast food breakfasts.

White Castle

The White Castle breakfast is a classic. They don’t stray too far from the mold, and they include eggs, bacon, and buns. If you’re not into burgers for breakfast, they also do toast and tater tots. If you’re extra fancy with your breakfast order, you can get your burger on a waffle. The waffle option is a personal favorite for me, and I have to say — White Castle is one of the few fast food joints that actually makes good waffles.

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Dunkin Donuts

The world runs on Dunkin Donuts coffee, or at least that’s what their marketing campaign used to say. I’m not a fan of the Dunkin Donuts coffee, but then again — I’m not a fan of most fast-food chain coffee. However, something that I am a fan of is donuts and the Dunkin Donuts breakfast menu. A personal favorite on their menu I the croissant sandwich that they have on their breakfast menu.

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Taco Bell

I gotta be honest, Taco Bell is more of a dinner option for me than a breakfast option, but that doesn’t mean that you should just write off the faux-mexican food place! Their breakfast burritos have everything you need to set your day off right! Eggs, some meat, some cheese, all wrapped in a tortilla? Sign me up!

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Burger King

I’m not here to start a Burger King VS McDonalds hollywar, but for however much I prefer Burger King burgers, I prefer the McDonalds breakfast. But that doesn’t mean that you should just never have breakfast at Burger King. Their breakfast croissant burgers are great (always splurge for that extra bacon though)!

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The Wendys twitter account is better than the Wendys breakfast. But then again, it could just be because the Wendys twitter is the funniest and most sassy corporate twitter account in the word, so the bar has been set really high. The Wendy’s breakfast is simple — it’s mostly breakfast burgers, coffee, and some eggs. But simplicity is good when it comes to breakfast. If you get too creative with your breakfast food, you might find yourself making some big mistakes.

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Pret a Manger

I’ll take a Pret a Manger breakfast over any other breakfast on this list (except maybe a home-made breakfast). This is because when you’re having it, it feels healthy. It might not actually be healthy, but it feels fresher than the burgers that are served at most of the other places on this list.

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Speaking of fresh — if you go to Subway you can get yourself a pretty fresh-tasting breakfast sandwich. It will have some eggs, some ham, some good cheese, and it will be toasted to that perfect temperature that Subway seems to just have nailed. So yeah, after a home-made breakfast and Pret, the Subway breakfast is probably my third favorite.

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Honestly, I never go for the food at Starbucks. If I’m at Starbucks I’m there to get a ridiculously sweet Chai Latte or an equally ridiculously sweet coffee with a bunch of syrups and cream and stuff. That being said, you shouldn’t write off the Starbucks breakfast. What Starbucks breakfasts have over other companies on this list is that their breakfast is consistently good all around the world. If you walk into a Starbucks in the morning to get your breakfast, you know exactly what to expect from it.

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Okay, scratch everything that I’ve said before in this article. I actually think the McDonalds breakfast is my favorite fast-food breakfast. Their egg McMuffin with bacon is just the best thing when you are craving for some junk food in the morning.

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Your Local Place

But even a glorious Egg McMuffin can’t beat a breakfast that you make for yourself at home. Why? Because if you’re cooking at home, you know you’re using the best ingredients, cooking them just how you like it, and eating them in the comfort of your own home, and not in an overcrowded fast food place.