Your Guide To All The Villains In Spider-Man: Far From Home


The new Spider-Man movie is officially out and I think it’s time we talk about all the villains in the movie. Spider-Man: Far From Home brings some notable villains to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of them have never been shown on the big screen before which made the Spider-Man fans even more excited about the new movie. The key persona here is, of course, a master of special effects and manipulator Mysterio played by brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal.

In the movie, Mysterio is presented as a hero who is helping Peter Parker fight the monstrous creatures he most likely wouldn’t be able to handle alone. But don’t get fooled by this heroic gesture of his. There’s more to this character than lies on the surface.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the key villains from Spider-Man: Far From Home:


Mysterio whose real name is Quentin Beck used to work for Stark Industries and was the creator of the BARF technology we have seen in Captain America: Civil War. Mysterio believes that his tech could change the world but was overlooked and underestimated by the tech guru Tony Stark.

Frustrated that his talents are getting wasted and ignored, Mysterio comes to a conclusion that in this world only superheroes get praised. With that in mind he is putting together a master plan that is supposed to help him become a superhero.

Mysterio |  Spider-Man Villains  | ZestRadar

And what does a wanna-be-superhero need to become a real superhero? That’s right, they need a threat to defeat. So Mysterio decides to creat his own monsters – the Elemental beings. There are three Elementals in the movie that obviously represent lesser popular comics villains Hydro-Man, Molten Man and Sand-Man. And according to the movie directors, creating these illusory threats of Mysterio was pretty much the only way these comics characters could make it to the big screen.

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Just like the Earth, the Marvel Universe has its own four “elemental” supervillains. The Water Elemental is obviously based on Hydro-Man. For those who might not know, Hydro-Man aka Morris Bench is a former crewman on a cargo ship who was knocked into the ocean by Spider-Man right when his ship was doing some experimental tests with a generator. Long story short, his body was transformed into a living water… sort of, and, of course, Hydro-Man is blaming Spidey for that.

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Molten Man

The Fire Elemental is also based on a classic Spider-Man baddie, The Molten Man. Mark Raxton, Molten Man’s alter ego, is a scientist from New York who got exposed to radiation and transformed into a molten rock. His body could project radiation and generate heat which basically means he became a walking nuclear reactor.

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The Earth Elemental is based on another supervillain called Sandman who got his shapeshifting abilities after he got exposed to irradiated sand at some nuclear site. Even though Sandman doesn’t play a significant role in the movie, it doesn’t make him any less dangerous than other Elementals.

Sandman |  Spider-Man Villains  | ZestRadar

The Combined Elemental

The mythology implies there must be the fourth element –The Wind Elemental. But since we never really saw it on the screen, and the description doesn’t really match any of Spidey enemies, let’s just leave it there.

Even though, there is no fifth element on Earth, Mysterio managed to create one by combining all four elementals into one hell of a beast. There’s no denial, the Combined Elemental was the most monstrous and dangerous of all illusions.