8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger


Every fan has their favourite when it comes to Avengers and we get it, each of them is pretty cool in their own way. Many like Tony Stark because he’s managed to become a superhero without actually getting any superpowers unless you count his charm, good looks and IQ level as such. Hulk has a whole bunch of superfans too because he’s this dorky scientist with a weird massive green alter ego. But let’s talk about all the reasons why Thor is actually the best Avenger.

1. He’s A God

Let’s start with the obvious. Thor is legitimately a god. Like, sure he looks human, but he’s the stuff of legends, he’s a full-blown god with special powers, super strength and knowledge beyond what any human can imagine. While most Earth superheroes have come in contacts with some pretty weird things, none of them knows as much about the universe as Thor.

He’s A God | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

2. He’s Hot AF

It’s hard to tell if Thor is so gorgeous because he’s a god but you can’t deny the fact that he’s been blessed with some truly godly looks. That muscled physique, that golden hair, that accent and that charming personality is out of this world, literally. It’s a miracle we’ve found a human to play him, in fact, are we sure Chris Hemsworth is human?

He’s Hot AF | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

3. He’s Funny

Thor is often portrayed as a bit slow, it takes him a while to understand certain things and that often leads to comical situations. You could say that’s hardly an achievement, but throughout the movies we see Thor become more self-aware and his sense of humor only benefits from that.

He’s Funny | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

4. He’s Loyal

His loyalty is almost a superpower in itself. We see Thor struggle with it a lot because on one hand he loves humans and will protect them with everything he has, but on the other hand, he’s still loyal to his family and no matter how evil Loki gets, Thor still feels for him and keeps giving him second chances, even if that means he’ll get hurt over and over again.

He’s Loyal | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

5. He’s Determined

Few Avengers are as determined as Thor. You could say he’s stubborn, but it works to his advantage. Once he’s set his mind to do something he becomes actually unstoppable, even if he doesn’t achieve his goal on the first try he will keep trying again and again. He’s got nothing to lose.

He’s Determined | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

6. He’s Super Friendly

He might be the odd one out of the Avengers because he’s literally not of this world, but instead of being arrogant and treating humans as something below him, he treats them as equals and is generally a very friendly person to be around.

He’s Super Friendly | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

7. He’s The Strongest

While you don’t always have to be super strong to be an Avenger, and in some cases, you can just outsmart your enemies, strength does come in handy quite often. And while we first thought that all of Thor’s strength is in his Hammer, we now know that he’s literally stronger than Hulk and that’s pretty impressive considering their size difference.

He’s The Strongest | 8 Reasons Why Thor is the Best Avenger | Zestradar

8. He Speaks Groot

And just for giggles, we thought we would add this as another reason why Thor is the best Avenger. Everyone loves Groot, but few can understand him. Thor is the best because he can speak many languages making him a great person to have around in an international and intergalactic setting. We also love that the reason he gave for understanding Groot is that he studied the language as an elective in school.