Title: A 7-year-old boy is making a fortune a year on YouTube


Meet Ryan from Ryan ToysReview channel. This kid has an impressive audience of about 18 million subscribers. If you think his mom and dad started this channel ages ago or bought it from someone more successful – you are wrong. They started it on their own. They have bought a few toys and made their son unbox them in front of the camera. Although, parents say it was totally his idea. He was a fan of toys review videos and begged his mom and dad shoot one or two and launch his own channel.

Hard to believe a 4-year old would voluntary pose to camera. But the video was shared and they got their first viewers. However, among thousands of similar channels they had to invent their own unique schtick to stand out.

After watching a few footages, parents worked out their own strategy:

1. they had to share new videos daily;

2. the clips should be dynamic and engaging;

3. some graphics should be added to them.

The channel was slowly gaining popularity until 1 single clip featuring Ryan opening and reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series went viral. It has about 1 billion views. Little Ryan woke up famous and his channel started working for him.

Every 10 million subscribers bring channel owners around $10 million. Now he is getting close to 10 million people watching his reviews. That is definitely making Ryan one of the richest kids on earth. His mom and dad thought buying and unpacking all that childish stuff is going to interest the audience until he is a kid.

So, they decided to invest their money into something worthy. Soon Ryan launched his own toy series. Now he is showing off playthings of his own design and of course, the envy of elementary-school kids worldwide makes their mommies and daddies open up their wallets to let the offspring buy another playgame they saw at Ryan’s (as if they don’t have tons of plastic stuff in their rooms).

As you can see, Ryan’s net worth keeps growing and his income sources increase. Now the kid is launching his own fashion line for kids who dream to be just like him. The outfits are promised to be made of all-natural materials. We are awaiting for some bright and catchy design. And, of course, all kids around the world can’t wait to purchase an item or two.

Forbes proclaimed Ryan to be the richest kid on Earth. Moreover, he is on top of the richest YouTubers rating. Little American left all his adult rivals far behind and is not planning to stop. His cute face and lovely smile are in trend at the moment and we can actually say it’s Ryan’s era. His subscribers hope that childhood in front of the camera won’t bring in any psychological trauma and won’t need therapy in future. But Ryan himself seems to be a happy little one who has found his place under the sun.