The Many Hair Colours of Kylie Jenner 


Kylie Jenner is known for a lot of things. Being part of a Kardashian clan is one of those, but that’s not the only thing. She’s known for her incredible glow up, her love of makeup, her lip kits and then her makeup line, she’s a very young mom and an even younger billionaire. But you know what else she’s known for? She loves to change up her hair. Sure, a lot of her hair changes are just wigs, but still, the girl is determined to try out different hair colors and haircuts, so she does what she needs to do. She’s changed up her hair so many times over the years that it’s difficult to keep track, but here are some of Kylie’s hair colors that stood out to us. 

1. It all started with good old fashioned dip dye. Kylie went for teal ends and it looked pretty cool, she rocked that look for a while.

2. Rosegold hair was a very good choice for her. She looked absolutely stunning with that hair.

3. Mint green was a vibe for a minute. A brave choice, but she pulled it off amazingly.

4.We adored it when Kylie rocked a waist-length purple wig. Remember her look at the Met Gala? Yeah, that was incredible.

5. Vibrant green was a vibe for a minute. A brave choice, but she pulled it off amazingly.

6. Denim blue also turned out to be a good color on Kylie. She seems to like shades of blue, she went through quite a few.

7. Blonde seemed almost boring considering all the other fun hair colors, but she still made it work.

8. Neon yellow was a kind of meh. I mean, it was bold but did it look good? We’re not so sure.