Emily Ratajkowski Is Pregnant


Emily Ratajkowsky is known for her style and enviable abs. Every teenager or 20-something interested in getting fit has attempted the Emily Ratajkowsky ab routine. Even her fashion style is influenced by her abs. Most of her outfits feature a bare midriff to show off abs. But recently Emily threw an unexpected curveball at her fans and shared on her Instagram a video showcasing her baby bump. 

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Emily is pregnant, her body is going to change, it’s getting rounder as we speak, yet it seems like she’s not bothered. In fact, her article in Vogue proves that even though she’s known for her beauty, she’s far from being superficial.

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Her thoughts about the gender of her child are insightful, progressive and actually leave us with a lot to think over. Emily’s not keen on revealing the gender of her baby, she says she’ll only know that when her kid turns 18 and lets her know what they decided. An unusual but admirable approach, don’t you think? We don’t often see parents like this. These days it’s all about gender reveal parties, even if the parents are open-minded in terms of their child’s identity.

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Instead, Emily muses about what expectations are put on a child, even before they’re born into this world. If it’s a girl, would she feel threatened by her mother’s fame and beauty? Would she be subjected to the same criticism, would she be objectified and compare herself to other women? Would she feel jealous? And if it’s a boy, would he grow up feeling entitled? How soon would he figure out his privilege and would he care?

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Why is it that parents often want a child of the same gender? Are all women just universally into the idea of having a mini version of themselves as a daughter and a best friend? Are men just universally obsessed with having a son they can play football or baseball with? Or is this a way to relive and fix your own childhood through the life of your kid?

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But we’re getting way too philosophical here. If you’re here because you’re interested in what this change means for Emily Ratajkowsky and her style – so far it seems like nothing’s gonna change. She hasn’t suddenly started wearing maternity clothes, maxi dresses with frills or showed up in public in a snuggie. Emily’s getting to know her new body and embracing it fully. She also hasn’t suddenly gotten an urge to cover up and play it safe. She’s still posing in bikinis and her outfits still show off her midriff, except now it’s a peek at her baby bump instead of perfect abs. And we think that’s beautiful.

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