Daredevil Brian Mosbaugh


Daredevil Brian Mosbaugh 1Brian Mosbaugh is the most hype-realistic, thrill-seeker you will ever find. This guy’s absolutely fearless, I mean this guy has balls so big you’d need a wheel barrow to carry them around. His amazing stunts including walking across a high line 2,800 feet above Rio de Janeiro are more than just impressive. Brian says these death-defying stunts help him to find his place in this life and get better personal balance. This crazy high line walker and rock climber makes all his stunts with no safety equipment, only tethered at the waist to the 328-foot-long highline. (Sick!) The whole world is fascinated by these breath-taking and seemingly death-defying stunts. Tip toeing on the rope between mountains is what makes him really happy.



He and his friends are called Moab Monkeys have logged a lot of insane trips to all around the world. We can talk for hours how cool this dude is, but let’s watch this video first.


Now take a look at these phenomenal photos, this man is proud to be one of the biggest adrenaline junkies of all time. Caution! Adrenaline is a naturally occurring drug in your body. He produces LOTS of it! And your adrenaline’s gonna pump just watching this guy. Enjoy!


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