Artist Draws Illustrations On The Trending Photos Of Celebrities And Social Media Influencers


Are you out of ideas on how to make your Instagram account really stand out? Meet Donna Adi, an artist who makes trending photos on Instagram look much more fun by adding cute illustrations to them.

Yes, adding illustrations to your photos is not exactly a new thing these days (with all the filters and facemasks on Instagram and Snapchat). And it doesn’t take a genius to swipe to cat ears filter mod on your smartphone while taking a selfie. However, it does take a genius to see more in the photo than comes to eye and add an illustration to it that will bring a whole new meaning to it.

Donna has always had a passion for animation and fashion, so she decided why not combine the two and create something really unique and fun. With her fashion and graphic design background, Donna was able to create her own style of art that has already brought her 187k followers on Instagram.

There is a reason why Donna Adi chose Instagram as the main platform to share and promote her art. Instagram is trending now y’all! Everyone is using it and this is where all the cool stuff is happening.

Marketing campaigns of the world’s largest brands are targeting Instagram. All the most trending celebrities are there, and this is where they share their juiciest photos. This is why her works are mostly showcasing celebrities, social media influencers and a lot of popular fashion brands, like Puma and Nike.

At first, it might seem that there is nothing special about her artworks. But once you take a closer look at any of her works, you will see that there is always a tiny little twist to it. Every illustration tells its own story. It gives a photo this innocent, childish look.

And just like any other artist, Donna puts a lot of hidden meanings and messages into her works. Her art might seem juvenile to some of you, but there is actually a lot of issues she managed to address through her art. There is an art piece dedicated to the Victoria’s Secret brand using giant wings made of real feathers for their Fashion Show, for example. Like it or not, but Donna’s art is absolutely exclusive to the world and it has inspired millions of young artists out there.