8 Times Bill Murray Made Total Strangers Happy


Bill Murray is one of those legendary actors who have built a solid acting career and continue surprising us with great on-screen performances. Still, there is something you might not know about this famous actor. It turns out off screen he is just as amazing and likes to surprise total strangers with unexpected appearances. Bill Murray has a fun and quirky personality and he’s not afraid to reveal it to his fans (or total strangers). Here are 8 times Bill Murray made total strangers happy.


Do you remember how Bill Murray went to party with a young woman in Lost in Translation? Well, he did quite the same thing in real life when 22-year-old Lykke Stavnef invited him to a house party packed with Scandinavian students in St. Andrews, Scotland. Actor’s appearance shocked everyone, but soon he mingled with the crowed, cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. The crowd was ecstatic! He then went on helping with the dishes in the small kitchen and left the party soon after that. He’s the best human being ever!

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Fan’s Ice Cream Party

When an ice cream parlour threw a party with Bill Murray’s name on it, how could he resist the temptation of visiting it? CVT Softserve’s owner found out Bill Murray was filming in his neighbourhood and decided to invite the whole crew, as well as the actor himself, to enjoy some free ice-cream. It was a joyful moment for both the actor and his long-term fan.

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Can you imagine singing karaoke with a celebrity? Well, that’s exactly what Bill Murray did when he joined a group of karaoke singers for a night out in New York City. Bill Murray went to chill to the same place where the karaoke group was hanging out and one of the members decided to ask if he wanted to join them. And he did! Bill Murray bought everyone a round of booze and sang his heart out. The most fun part of the evening was when he and one of the group members sang a duet – ‘Marie’s the Name’ by Elvis Presley.

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Construction Site Poetry

Sometimes Bill Murray’s actions are less random, but they are still very fun to watch. In 2009, he read some poetry at a construction site to the delight and bewilderment of local workers. Well, they were constructing a building for the Poets House, so everything made sense. Bill Murray read some poetry written by Emily Dickinson, Lorine Niedecker, and Billy Collins.

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Engagement Photoshoot

What will you do if you see someone making an engagement photoshoot? You’ll probably walk by and let them have their fun. But that’s not the case with Bill Murray because he couldn’t miss the opportunity to make the whole process just a little bit more interesting. At first he tried to make the couple laugh, while they were shooting, but then they invited him to join and he kindly agreed. That is definitely a one-of-a-kind engagement photo!

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Bachelor Party

Bill Murray just happens to be in some really interesting places. Something is always going on around! One time he was dining at a steakhouse in Charleston, South Carolina, and a bachelor party was happening at the very same place. A guy from the group approached the celebrity and asked him to give some advice to the groom, but was turned down. Just a couple of minutes later Bill Murray appeared and pleasantly shocked everyone. He didn’t have a lot to say to the groom, but he had some words of advice to the rest of the guys. He said if they wanted to marry a girl and spend the rest of their lives with her, they should first buy two tickets and travel the world together. If after all the hardships and weird experiences they would still want to tie the knot, then they should do it straight away at the J. F. K. airport.

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Kickball Game

Bill Murray likes sports just as much as any other guy. There was a game of kickball going on in NYC park and Bill Murray randomly joined in for a few sets. Naturally, it was fun for everyone, and even more fun when they got to pose together for a picture and chat for a little bit. Next time you’re in New York, do check the kickball game if you happen to see one! There might be a celebrity taking part in it.

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Saxophone Practice

There was one time when Bill Murray took a cab in Oakland for a long journey to Sausalito and found out that the cabbie was actually a saxophone player. Well, at least, he had the saxophone and really wanted to become a good musician. Bill Murray whether he had time to practice with this work and cabbie answered that he actually had no time to practice at all. That’s when Bill Murray pulled the car, changed places with the driver, and told him to practice at the back of the car. Together they drove for one hour, stopping by a sketchy spot to grab some food early in the morning. Seems like an amazing adventure! Bill Murray has a heart of gold.