7 Women Who Rock The Beauty of Body Modifications


Body modification includes anything from tattoos to piercings, from microderms to injections, from implanting to corseting. By leaps and bounds it occurs around the globe today, and thousands of women are getting their bodies modified every day. Here is a list of 10 beautiful women who decided to change their bodies for better (or worse?)



Stephanie Von Hutter Thomas
It’s hard to believe but Stephanie got her firs tattoo at age 28! She explains, “I married young and had small children so pursuing personal interests aside from my education wasn’t my top priority.” For many years she worked as accouter, but the business world was never her dream. Stephanie always wanted to be a part of the art or entertainment community. As her daughters were growing up and as a mother, it was important to her that her girls could see her as someone who is true to herself and stands behind her convictions. So, she left her job, got divorced and began getting more tattoos and more piercing work. Today Stephanie is a co-owner, piercer and permanent cosmetics artist in Skinethics Body Art Studio.



Unlike Stephanie, this cute girl from Great Britain always has had weakness for tattoos and bodymod. Frances is a vegetarian, and her best friend is her cat Bean. She is also a co-founder of the vegan friendly clothing company Helvak, which produces really unique clothes and accessories.

Brooke Michael Englehart
Brooke is a talented illustrator, tattooist, and professional haunter from Rockford, IL, USA. She works at her own ‘Delicious Ink Tattoo’ shop. There are four women and only two guys in her shop, which is unusual. She jokes, “It’s more accepted now. It used to be the only women who got tattoos were whores. Maybe now the whores are becoming tattoo artists.”

April Thomas
This incredibly beautiful blonde from Knoxville, TN is a photographer and professional traveler. Her motto is “if you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”

Hannah ‘pixie’ Snowdon
Hannah is an owner of Black Sabbath Tattoo Shop based in Sheffield, UK. She tattoos people with the masterpieces out of little dots. In 2015 she was nominated for the Best Jam Female Tattoo Artist. Hannah is also the co-writer of two intersting books called “The Balance Book” and “The Key Zine”, both of which she wrote together with her friend Anastasia Tasou.

Aneta Von Cyborg
Well, this cool chick from Finland is a real psycho. She claims that she’s the Blood Queen and a pain lover. Aneta has been practicing blood painting and different types of suspension for years.