7 Creepiest Celebrity Stalker Stories


We all have that one (or more) idols we’d love to meet in real life, but since we live half-a-world apart from each other there’s no way we could meet Chris Pratt or Kat Dennings. There are people, however, who will not be stopped by mountains and oceans, to be able to look at their favorite celebrity. These fans come in two varieties: couch fans and stalkers. Couch fans are basically harmless, but the stalkers vary from paparazzi to straight-out kidnappers! This is one of those dark sides of being a celebrity.


Ready or not, here are 7 creepiest celebrity stalker stories.



1 Nicolas Cage vs the Mime vs Leather Jacket Creep
Nicolas Cage is not the most ordinary actor, so it’s logical that his fans have a screw loose as well. So one day Cage started noticing this one dude dressed up as a mime everywhere he went. Thankfully, the police helped him got rid of the mime, A few years later, Cage woke up in his bed and saw a guy wearing nothing but a leather jacket and eating an ice cream, while watching the actor sleep. Turned out that man was actually mentally ill, so they had a nice and understanding conversation.



2. Hugh Jackman vs a Crazy Woman trying to shave him
It didn’t bother Katherine Thurston that Hugh Jackman was already married, and that she’s never even met him, she claimed she was in love and wanted to marry him! And as we know from Disney movies – love conquers all. So get this, she was willing to marry him but under one condition: he had to shave off that ugly beard. I know right? That lady’s a real psycho! One day she staked him out near his gym and went inside and attacked Jackman with an electric razor. Hugh said later that she had a really crazy look in her eyes, and kept repeating “We’re going to get married, right?” The police got her, no harm was done, but holy crap…

3. Harley Quinn Smith vs Crazy Uber Driver
Kevin Smith’s 16-y-o daughter ordered herself an Uber ride one day and a few minutes later a big Jeep with 2 dudes and an Uber sticker rolled up. They told her to get in, but she felt that something was off about them. So she asked to see their Uber app, to which they told her again to get in. Luckily for Harley, right at that moment the actual Uber she ordered arrived. This could have ended very badly for her, but she stayed vigilant.

4. “Dilbert’s” Scott Adams vs Crazy Conspiracy Theorist
For 7 years Christina Lane has been under the impression that Scott Adams puts hidden messages into his comic strip “Dilbert”. Those messages were supposedly meant to harass her personally, and she even claimed, that Adams bugged her phone and sent people to harm her. She even went as far as calling Scott’s publishers and trying to convince them he’s assaulted her personally. To this day she’s stalking him on Twitter.

5. Sandra Bullock vs Man Who Thought She Was His Wife
Imagine coming from a long day of re-shoots, tired and sleepy, and finding a random dude in your house, who thinks he’s married to you. That’s pretty much exactly what Sandra Bullock had to go through, and it was only the beginning. His name was Joshua Corbett, and calling him crazy would be an understatement of the year. Also, apparently he’s a schizophrenic, so at least there’s a cause for all the nonsense he’s done, but that’s not an excuse. So anyway, Sandra locked herself in the bedroom, and called the police. Joshua begged her to open the door and talk to him, he was very violent, according to the actress. Of course, the police came in and arrested him, but that’s when they found that he brought with him 24 guns, including machine guns, assault rifles, and explosives. He would have used his arsenal to get what he wanted, which was to sexually assault Bullock, as the police found out later, while going through his apartment.

6. Rebecca Schaeffer vs Schizo Fan
Sadly, these stories don’t always have a happy ending. Just like in Bullock’s case, Rebecca Schaeffer’s stalker was also an unstable schizophrenic. He pretty much spent all his life in a room full of pictures of his favorite star – Rebecca Schaeffer. One night he saw her love scene and this meant she betrayed him. Bardo managed to get her address and paid her a visit. She felt something was wrong and asked him to leave immediately. A few days later he came back. But this time with a gun. Rebecca tried to close the door, but the bullet was faster. Bardo then told the police “I have an obsession with the unobtainable. I have to eliminate that I cannot attain.”

7. Selena vs The Fan Club President
Yolanda Saldivar was president of that fan club, and she was definitely coo-coo for Selena. But Selena actually knew Yolanda by name and let her be a part of her life. Even considered her as a friend. She even let Yolanda manage her clothing boutique, “Selena Etc.” That is until Selena found out Yolanda was doing some shady business with her money, so she confronted and fired her in the hotel. Yolanda broke into tears, even told her idol she was raped, which was a lie. Selena didn’t want to hear anything, so that’s when Yolanda pulled a gun and shot her. She tried to shot herself right after that, but the police came through to her. She really didn’t want to live in a world without Selena…