18 Fantastic Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso


Meet Ballpoint Papi. His real name is Corey and he’s a bloody Aussie (because of course he is). This genius artist has made a name for himself, and his Twitter handle Tw1tterPicasso fits him like a glove. Corey is not only an avid caricaturist, he’s also a major troll. For most of the people his art may seen rough and very childish, as if a 3-year-old drew it, but the truth is – it’s all intentional. Tw1tterPicasso likes using regular pens and pretty much any old scrap of paper he can find, because he knows that the tools don’t make an artist.


Ballpoint Papi’s usual suspects are hip-hop stars, famous athletes, and other celebs. Many fans of Corey’s “victims”, are expressing their hate towards the artist, demanding that he stop this tomfoolery at once … “or else”. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to take these kinds of comments close to his heart. At the moment Ballpoint Papi has over 170k followers on Instagram, and that number speaks for itself: people love his art! Isn’t it all worth the trouble if you make at least one person laugh? I think that’s what matters the most.


Now, let’s take a look at his caricature masterpieces. Here are 18 fantastic celebrity portraits that I personally find the funniest!



1. Man, Wiz Khalifa looks stunning!



2. Is that Jaden Smith?



3. Snoop Animal, or whatever his name is today, looks like a worm.

4. You’ve nailed it, Corey! That’s the Amber Rose we all love and remember.



5. Some dude named Ayo? But wait, where’s his body?!



6. I’m almost sure this is Fergie…

7. Eminem has seen better days.



8. I won’t cash you outside, Missy.



9. I might just get this Bieber as a sticker. It’s so good.

10. Who’s this Lil Uzi and why does he look like a chihuahua?



11. Kanye’s hair is on point in this rendition.



12. Could Drake’s forehead be any bigger?

13. Meet Odell Beckham Jr, everyone. The “other” Beckham.



14. Another funny sketch of Yanira Pache!



15. Post Malone in da house! (sorry, I’m running on fumes here).

16. Wait, what’s Lil Wayne doing here? Oh well.



17. The gorgeous Kehlani has undergone some slight cosmetic changes.



18. Here’s some change for the road… A buff 50 Cent!