15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders


Yup – it’s that time of the week again. It’s time for some delving into celebrities’ past lives to figure out if any of them did anything embarrassing, like for example being a cheerleader. As you’ve probably guessed from this article’s title, quite a few went down the Path of Cheer.
And since I’m in a sharing mood, let’s take a look at some of our celebrities with a cheerleading past.



15. Snooki
Yup, we allowed this to happen. Before it really happened, I guess. I always thought she’d be too short for the cheerleading squad. Weird.



14. Amy Poehler
Nothing against Amy, but cheerleading? Amy Poehler? Cheerleading? What? How? I have so many questions.



13. Madonna
Madonna looking like she needs to suck the blood out of innocent people, that’s nice.

12. Meryl Streep
That’s not how you hold a megaphone, honey.



11. Alicia Silverstone
Looks like she hasn’t aged a day.

10. Kirsten Dunst
This was of course before she moved to New York to pursue her acting career and fell in love with Spider-Man.



9. Cameron Diaz
Gorgeous then, and gorgeous now!



8. Fergie
I’m not sure if she got a lot more attractive with age or I should account for the piles of make-up she uses these days. Looks more friendly on the left pic, though.

7. Sandra Bullock
Simply lovely Sandra…



6. Denise Richards
No amount of “look at me I’m so cute” can compensate for having been married to Charlie Sheen. I mean, I know some girls with bad taste in men, but Jesus.

5. Eva Longoria
Okay, something is definitely wrong with her face on the left pic.



4. Jessica Simpson
She’s still got the pose down. Just put your hands on your hips and smile.



3. Jennifer Lawrence
That dude behind her is so happy he’s behind Jennifer Lawrence, and she isn’t even a celebrity yet.

2. Halle Berry
After all those years she didn’t change at all! How can it be possible?



1. Megan Fox
She looks like the kind of girl that only dates jocks, so it kinda makes sense she’d be a cheerleader.