12 Celebrities Who Are Also Surprisingly Talented Artists


Some people say that if you’re good at one thing, you may be good at everything. That’s a bold statement, but I believe there might be some people out there who are actually blessed with multiple talents. Of course, to find a “double-dipper” easier, you need to look closely at people, who’ve already had at least some success in life. The more popular, the better, in fact. So, of course, celebs immediately come to mind. Today we’re gonna see which of our favorite actors, directors, musicians etc. can create art!


Here are 12 celebrities who are also surprisingly talented artists.



Tim Burton
If you couldn’t tell from his incredibly-looking movies, Tim Burton is no stranger to arts and animation! He did study at the California Institute of Arts, after all, and you can clearly see personality and style in his work.



Johnny Depp
Really, even Johnny Depp can draw? Apparently so! Just look at this masterpiece… He must really love painting portraits.

David Bowie
If anyone’s ever doubted Bowie’s genius as a musician, you should also know that he studied classical art when he was a kid. This helped him create posters and album covers for his bands. Not too shabby!



Marilyn Manson
Frankly, I’m not Marilyn Manson’s biggest fan, when it comes to music, but even I have to admit these works of art look pretty freaking dope. Legend says he’s created over 100 art pieces…

Paul McCartney
Paul had always been into painting, even when he was little, but he decided to pursue his musical career. And after the death of his first wife, he dove back into painting. Needless to say, the critics were quite amused.



James Franco
I don’t have much info of Franco’s hobby, except the fact that it’s indeed his hobby of choice. Is he good at it? It’s not for me to say, but it looks kinda meh.

Anthony Hopkins
Hopkins always says that he has never studied arts, moreover, he could never monotonously paint jars and apples in the classroom. His brush strokes are quick and crude, but he just loves painting.



Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey surprised everyone, including his fans, friends and colleagues, when he recently posted a one-minute documentary “I need color”, where he created amazing art live.

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo.

Bob Dylan
Even Bob Dylan liked to dabble in art! His most popular works are about the life of New Orleans in the 40-50’s.



Frank Sinatra
Can you imagine Frank Sinatra painting? He worked in different genres, too, but preferred mainly abstractionism.

Robbie Williams
I can’t say for sure if this is real art or just some lazy scribbles/photoshop, but then again, I’m not an art critic. It’s “something”, that’s as far as I can go.



Freddie Mercury
After graduating Ealing College of Art and getting a degree in graphics and design, Freddie Mercury wanted to become an artist. But something went very wrong … or very right (for us, at least).