7 Actors Who Refused to Kiss on Camera

You would think that with the amount of sex scenes in a movie most actors and actresses wouldn’t mind a little kiss during a movie? Right? Well, you’d be wrong! The list of stars who have refused to kiss on camera (for one reason or another) is absolutely huge.

10 Most Beautiful Movies Ever Made

Cinematography is a well-known form of art, very often we see stunning picturesque landscapes and color schemes, high level camera work and a detailed composition. All of these things make most films beautiful and pleasant to watch. Let’s see which films will leave you in awe.

10 Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes Ever Created

Don’t you just love those movies that make you forget about everything else, immersing you into the lives of its characters? I certainly do! Action, drama, romance, comedy, tragedy – all these things keep you glued to the screen focused on the plot twists and turns. And then it happens, a certain moment comes and you start sobbing right in the movie theatre surrounded by strangers who just happen to be sobbing, too.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods That Should Be On Your Table This Year

Thanksgiving is upon us and it means that it’s time to think about whether you want to go with a traditional menu or try something more peculiar this year. Regardless of what you choose – simple starters, salads, side dishes, and turkey or upgraded vegan and vegetarian options of these menu items, there are things that should always be on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Weird History: 10 Legendary People Who Never Existed

There are certain people who are known to millions all over the world. Their accomplishments marked the beginning of a new legend and they are gradually rising in popularity every year. However, the funny thing about it all is that none of these people are real. That’s right, some of your favorite historical figures, authors and icons are actually fictional!

17 Royal Kids Who Are About to Take Over the World

Most days when you hear about royal children you think of England. However, they’re not the only royal children out there. There are multiple other little royal children in Britain, not to mention the multiple royal families across the world.